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Model 1, "The Universe"
The ultimate model. Who hasn’t dreamed of holding the universe in the palm of their hand? Now you can! When completed, the model spins on its axis.

  Model 2, “Theater of the Mind” 
An adjunct to the “What Is Reality?” issue of the Guide, this model illustrates the theory that we are actors playing parts dictated to us by genes and memes, among other things.

  Model 3, “Muse-a-um” 
Now you can be the curator! Just add an artifact to complete this authentic shrine to wonder. This beautifully designed model uses tricks of perspective similar to those of Samuel van Hoogstraten.

  Model 4, "Scrying Mandala" 
In the manner of the popular Ouija board, the Lost Wonder scrying mandala can be consulted to answer life’s big questions. The simplest model in the series, the scrying mandala is the most practical.

Model 5, "Breath-Powered Hypnotrope" 
When completed, the central cylinder of the hypnotrope spins as you breathe into the tube, inducing visions and light-headedness. This is the most challenging of the Lost Wonder models, but the most rewarding in the end.

Complete Set of Lost Wonder Models 
Model kits are $5.00 each. A set of all five model kits is:




1. The Universe
2. Theater of the Mind
3. Muse-a-um

4. Scrying Mandala
5. Breath-Powered Hypnotrope
6. Complete Models