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Deluxe Museum Model in progress  


Deluxe Museum model (Coming soon)
Follow the alchemical path to illumination by creating your very own Museum of Lost Wonder. The model features a classical museum edifice designed to hold eight removable, individual models of exhibit halls based on the stages in the alchemical process.

Each exhibit hall is an exquisitely rendered little peep show measuring 3 x 5". Fully illustrated in colour inside and out, it includes an explanation of the magic and mysticism of each hall on the base of each model. The finished museum model measures 16" x 20" x 9" high and is suitable for wall mounting. All the models are created on luscious parchment vellum and come with picturesque instructional booklets that fully explain the process for easy construction.

When fully constructed the model becomes its own 3D mandala, filled with inspiring symbolism that illuminates the depth and breadth of the museum. This unique work of art will illuminate your home and be something you'll be proud to display.






To see the museum exhibits in greater detail right now see our Secrets of the Museum Folio. Here you can explore the exhibits in depth while enjoying unique benefits due to members of the Museum of Lost Wonder.