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Micro Museum model
All the secrets and splendor of the Museum of Lost Wonder in the palm of your hand. Exquisitely detailed and illuminated, its magic is manifested as it inspires your own envisioneering and is made complete by an artifact you add to its secret chamber. This litle gem is a testament to our shared imaginations, and makes a great gift - an intimate treasure box full of fantasy and delight.

The model is presented on luscious parchment vellum, and comes with a picturesque instructional booklet.This miniature version of a masterful vision is sure to inspire your own creative abilities.


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To see the museum exhibits in greater detail see our Secrets of the Museum Folio. Here you can explore the exhibits in depth while enjoying unique benefits due to members of the Museum of Lost Wonder.

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Membership badge from the Secrets of the Museum Membership Folio.