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Deluxe Models
These models are printed on multiple sheets of luscious parchment vellum, and come with engagingly illustrated instructional booklets. There are more deluxe models on the 'Folios' page.
Deluxe Museum Model  

Deluxe Museum Model

Forming a magnificent 3D mandala, this complete, full-color model of the Museum of Lost Wonder is an exquisitely detailed work of art. Behind the intricate façade of the Museum are eight individual, removable exhibit halls that chart the soul's journey to enlightenment.

Like the Tibetan mandalas the Museum is based on, the completed model is a tool for visualization. Fit all the pieces together and start your journey on the path to illumination.


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museum model  

"The Micro Museum"
A marvelous little gem with a secret chamber. Inspire your imagination by building it as a hope chest for your deepest wishes


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These seven models, featured in the Museum of Lost Wonder book, are printed on heavy fiberstock, without the annoying fold from the book. They are single sheet models, meant to be visualization excercises like Tibetan mandalas. Each kit comes with an instructional booklet and complete accessories not found in the book.
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Model 1: "The Universe"
The ultimate model. Who hasn't dreamed of holding the universe in the palm of their hand? Now you can! When completed, the model spins on its axis.



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Model 2: “Theater of the Mind”
An adjunct to the "What Is Reality?" chapter of the book, this model illustrates the theory that we are actors playing parts dictated to us by genes and memes, which lead us to create the scenes in our own life's drama.



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Model 3: “Muse-a-um”
Now you can be the curator! Just add an artifact to complete this authentic shrine to wonder. This beautifully designed model uses tricks of perspective similar to those of Samuel van Hoogstraten.



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Model 4: "Scrying Mandala"
In the manner of the popular Ouija board, the Lost Wonder scrying mandala can be consulted to answer life's big questions. The simplest model in the series, the scrying mandala is also the most practical.


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Model 5: "Breath-Powered Hypnotrope"
When completed, the central cylinder of the hypnotrope spins as you breathe into the tube, inducing visions and light-headedness. Based on Tibetan mandalas,this is the most challenging of the Lost Wonder models, but the most rewarding in the end.



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Model 6: "Path of Destiny Peep Show " 
Set off on a journey through uncharted territory in this layered look at the stages of life. Based on a popular 18th- century phenomenon showing perspectives of the world, this peep show brings together the concepts of thinkers from Shakespeare to modern philosophers. Where are you going? Look through the peep hole to find out!


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Model 7: "Carousel of Life " 
Life goes round and round in this little gem that spins on its own axis. Birth, growth, sex, and death are represented as a carnival ride. Characters from your own life's drama pass before your eyes. Is life a one-way ticket, or an infinite cycle? Build this model and use your fickle finger of fate to come to your own conclusions!


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8. Complete Set of Lost Wonder Book Models
The complete set of all seven book model kits for 20% off.

The set is a great savings on individual prices and the models make great gifts.



Noticeaken, but not shipped Deluxe Models
The Micro Museum . . . . Deluxe Museum Model . . . See 'Folios' for more deluxe models

Book Models
1. The Universe
2. Theater of the Mind
3. Muse-a-um
4. Scrying Mandala
5. Hypnotrope
6. Peep Show

7. Carousel of Life

8. Complete Models

The Book






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