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Deluxe Museum Model
Create your very own Museum of Lost Wonder and follow the alchemical path to illumination. This nine-part deluxe model features a classical museum edifice designed to hold eight removable, individual exhibit halls that map the stages of the alchemical process.

Each exhibit hall is an exquisitely rendered little peep show measuring 3" x 5". and include an explanation of the magic and mysticism of each alchemical stage on the base of each model. The individual halls fit together into the exterior museum model. All the models are created on luscious parchment vellum and come with picturesque instructional booklets that fully explain the construction process.

When complete, the model becomes its own 3D mandala, full of inspiring symbolism that illuminates the depth and breadth of the museum – a thought-provoking and unique work of art that you'll be proud to create and display.

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Circulatio model frontCirculatio Model backCirculatio Model interior
Circulatio Exhibit Model $12.95 Add to Cart
The Museums grand entrance and exit hall. Dominated by a never-ending ouroboros and presided over by the nine muses, it is decorated with symbols of the Museums three elements and the other alchemically themed halls.
Calcinatio Model FrontCalcinatio Model BackCalcinatio Model Interior
Calcinatio Exhibit Model $12.95 Add to Cart
This is the hall of technology, dedicated to the spark of inspiration. Here we're surrounded by the hopes, fears, and mechanical wonders that civilization has brought us. In the center is the athanor – a giant forge in human form.
Solutio Model FrontSolutio Model backSolutio Model interior
Solutio Exhibit Model $12.95 Add to Cart
The hall of aquaria lets us immerse ourselves in a watery world. Surrounded by the saturated creatures of the subconscious, our worries and cares are washed away so we may reflect on and refine our inner selves.
Coagulatio Model frontCoagulatio Model backCoagulatio Model interior
Coagulatio Exhibit Model $12.95 Add to Cart
In this zoological garden of Eden, we ground ourselves in the natural world, surrounded by living things. This idyllic environment balances the insights gained from the civilized and inner worlds of the previous exhibit halls.
Sublimatio Model FrontSublimatio Model backSublimatio Model interior
Sublimatio Exhibit Model $12.95 Add to Cart
Dedicated to all things extraterrestrial, this observatory encourages us to look beyond our normal awareness. We rise above our earthly concerns to gain objectivity and become spectators of our terrestrial selves.
Mortificatio Model frontMortificatio Model backMortificatio Model interior
Mortificatio Exhibit Model $12.95 Add to Cart
Our mausoleum to the past, Mortificatio teaches us that, in the future, we all become history. Among the historical exhibits, we contemplate our own mortality and learn to prioritize what's important in our lives today.
Separatio Model frontSeparatio Model rearSeparatio Model interior
Separatio Exhibit Model $12.95 Add to Cart
This is the laboratory to science and faith in the museum. On the right is the lab – a place to labor and on the left is an oratory – a place to meditate. The central timepiece has hands that rotate on their own axis.
Conjunctio Model frontConjunctio Model backConjunctio Model interior
Conjunctio Exhibit Model $12.95 Add to Cart
Our gallery of the arts, where our conscious thoughts and subconscious feelings are brought together in a divine state of unification. Surrounded by mandalas from around the world, we join in with a state of heightened awareness and wholeness.
Museum Model Exterior
Deluxe Exhibit Hall Models

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Museum Model Exterior
Museum Exterior Model

The eight exhibit models can also be bought with their exterior.

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