Museum of Lost Wonder

Adept Membership

The Adept Membership includes:  

  1. Insider’s tour of the museum.
  2. Membership card with an exquisite enameled badge.
  3. Miniature Do-It-Yourself museum model.
  4. An extra ideal museum monograph.
  5. A personalized membership certificate, hand-illuminated with your name. Each membership certificate is unique to that particular grade. Please spell out the correct name you’d like on the certificate in PayPal when ordering.
  6. Secret handshake and secret cipher sheet.
  7.  An exquisite handmade 3D thaumatrope with 3D  glasses.
  8. The Museum of Lost Wonder book, signed by the author with a special 3D print.
  9. The Cornucopia of Curiosities as described in the Curiosity Shop: 10 prints, 7 models, set of 10 Guide monographs, and the Tomb of Illumination Folio.
  10. PLUS a unique original artwork – a pastel painting of a flask from the book with a description of its alchemical meaning, measuring 20in x 24in- mounted.

Member Enameled Badge

Membership includes our exclusive member enamel badge. See our badge creation movie.

16-Page Booklet

A colorful, 16-page tour showing detailed plans of how the Museum of Lost Wonder would translate into a physical museum. It explains in depth how the museum would be manifested and what experiences visitors could expect. See sample pages from the product gallery.

See Model Movie


Mini Museum Movie