Museum of Lost Wonder

Architecture of the Imagination

The mind is an organic mansion – an intricate network of interconnected organs with multiple pathways between them that together make up our thoughts, memories, and emotions. Years of experiences are layered on top of each other, generating multiple connections and associations that drive our imagination and spark our creativity.

Delve into the realm of the senses to discover how sight, sound, taste, touch, and smell become the foundations for our memories and the genesis of the imagination. Using architecture as a metaphor, we explore the rooms and pathways that make up the mind, employing ancient practices and exercises to remember information, make connections, and enhance your creative powers.

Through the mesmerizing illustrations, thought-provoking exercises and advice from past masters in this folio, you’ll learn to create your own mansion of the mind. After examining how each of the senses affects your thoughts and memories, we’ll explore how you can use this mental tool to refine your memories and mine them for creative inspiration.

In the belief that everyone’s home is their castle, the folio includes an exquisite Do-It-Yourself model of a mind mansion – a 3D representation of the ancient creative system used to remember a sequence of ideas or events. Beautifully crafted and brilliantly detailed, it is a delightful object that also can be used as a practical tool.

Contains a 20-page activity booklet and complete instructions.

Watch the model movie.


Mansion of the Mind model movie