Museum of Lost Wonder

Codex of Creativity

Do you see yourself as creative? The Codex affirms it as a given talent we all have. Drawing on the history of art and science, it illuminates the process of creating something wonderful through the analogy of alchemy. You’ll begin to challenge common myths about creativity through thoughtful exercises you can pursue at home.

Drawing on examples from the history of art, science and philosophy, it illuminates the creative process through the analogy of alchemy. As each stage of the alchemical process reveals a new secret to creativity, the folio encourages you to harness your own unique, magical ability through thoughtful exercises you can pursue at home.

The 24-page monograph combines ancient wisdom and symbolism with contemporary psychology and philosophy to examine how we perceive and re-create the world. Examples from other artists, writers, scientists and philosophers illuminate the step-by-step journey that leads from idealistic expectations to the wonder of manifesting a physical object.

The result is a practical, accessible tool to develop and enhance your creativity. A do-it-yourself zoetrope model is included with the Codex along with complete instructions. Beautifully designed with intricate details, it features animations that reinforce the concepts behind the creative process. Building the model also offers you a hands-on opportunity to practice your own creativity.

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