Museum of Lost Wonder

Deluxe Museum Model Complete Set

with all the Exhibit Hall Models

Create your very own Museum of Lost Wonder and follow the alchemical path to illumination. This nine-part deluxe model features a classical museum edifice designed to hold eight removable, individual exhibit halls that map the stages of the alchemical process.

Each exhibit hall is an exquisitely rendered little peep show measuring 3″ x 5″. and include an explanation of the magic and mysticism of each alchemical stage on the base of each model. The individual halls fit together into the exterior museum model. All the models are created on luscious parchment vellum and come with picturesque instructional booklets that fully explain the construction process.

When complete, the model becomes its own 3D mandala, full of inspiring symbolism that illuminates the depth and breadth of the museum – a thought-provoking and unique work of art that you’ll be proud to create and display.

The exterior and individual exhibit hall models can be bought seperately. But when you buy them all together you get a 30% discount.

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Click exhibit images to see exhibit hall models and buy them seperately.


SKU: DM-008
Museum Movie - Deluxe