Museum of Lost Wonder

Deluxe Museum Model Exterior Only

Forming a magnificent 3D mandala, this complete, full-color model of the Museum of Lost Wonder is an exquisitely detailed work of art. Behind the intricate façade of the Museum are eight individual, removable exhibit halls that chart the soul’s journey to enlightenment. Like the Tibetan mandalas the Museum is based on, the completed model is a tool for visualization. Fit all the pieces together and start your journey on the path to illumination.

This is the grandest of all our models and is a wonder to behold. Printed on luscious parchment vellum, the model of the Museum  is a showcase for the mysteries of the Exhibit Halls and is designed to hold all eight hall models securely. The model measures L20″ x W16″ x H9″ and includes a domed roof and ‘Wonder Workshop’. The dome is supported by the central workshop model.  The model is suitable for framing and wall mounting. (Frame and mounting board for the base are not included.)

Buy the Museum Exterior with the eight Exhibit Halls together for an even greater bargain.

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SKU: DM-007
Museum Movie - Deluxe