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Deluxe Tomb of Illumination

This deluxe model of the Christian Rosenkreutz tomb is 25% bigger than the regular model and is made from heavy cardstock. Not only is it grander, but the increased scale makes it easier to build and to see all the sumptuous details. It’s exactly the same in form and execution as the regular version, only printed on larger paper. It comes with the content folio and complete instructions, just like the smaller version.

The story behind the tomb

In 1604, a band of European brothers—the last remnants of a secret society—went on a journey to discover the hidden past of their mysterious order. Their explorations led them to a hidden underground vault, the final resting place of scholar and mystic Christian Rosenkreutz, the father of Rosicrucianism. The Tomb of Illumination sheds light on the life of Rosenkreutz and the earth-shattering changes that he helped bring about in realms such as politics, religion, science, and social rights.

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SKU: DM 009