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12 x 11 x 8 inches. Mixed Media: mahogany, maple, pine with vintage viewer mechanism. Slides are turned by the fingered handle on the right and the light is activated by pressing the eyeball in the lower front.

Viewer holds 20 stereo slides of a side show at the Back of the Yards Fair in Chicago in the early 80’s. This was one of the last traveling Freak Shows in the country, before political correctness put these performers out of work. These photos are unique, one of a kind, historical portraits.

Most notable are Willie “Popeye” Ingram and Robert “Two Faced Man” Melvin. Both famous in the circuit. Crocodile Man was actually the MC, (seen with Robert Melvin) who, for an extra two bits, you could see in his knickers in the back room. He had a skin condition he could capitalize on.

The pictures of the performers are anaglyphs you can see in 3D with red & cyan glasses. The anaglyphs are mediochre reproductions of the original stereo photographs, which are lusciously crisp and clear when seen through the viewer.




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