Museum of Lost Wonder

Guide Monographs – 10 Issue Set

Collect the monographs that spawned the Museum of Lost Wonder book. This is the complete 10-issue set, originally published in series. Printed on luscious vellum and hand assembled by the author. The first issue is signed and the set comes distinctively packaged with an insert on the history of esoteric pamphleteering. They make great coloring books, and with the DIY models, provide hours and hours of mindful fun.


Guide #1 The Beginning of Everything – The Guide is known for tackling life’s big questions, and starts off with a doozie—“Where do we come from?” Learn about creation myths from around the world and cut out and build a do-it-yourself model of the universe.

Guide #2 What is Reality? – What is reality, indeed? Plato thought it was an illusory picture show. Other scientists think its a combo of genes, memes, and scenes. Experiment with your free will and sense of self and find out! Includes a do-it-yourself theatre of the mind.

Guide #3 The Darker Side of Museums – Museums began as shrines to the nine beautiful muses, whose cosmic inspiration is behind all great works of art. Somewhere along the line museums became curiosity cabinets for the world’s greatest eccentrics. What happened? Includes a do-it-yourself model “muse-a-um.”

Guide #4 Who Are You? – Are you your horoscope? Are you a combination of the four humors? Ponder your self and think about what you do to define who you are. Includes a do-it-yourself scrying mandala (with pendulum) based on the Tibetan Wheel of Life.

Guide #5 How to Have Visions – Guide explores the history of visions, from Sir Isaac Newton poking his eye with a knife to Tony Conrad’s “Flicker Film” of the 1960s. Includes several E-Z experiments to induce hallucinations and a breath-powered do-it-yourself hypnotrope!

Guide #6 Exploring the Museum – The first in a three-part comic book style mini-series, this issue follows one young visitor’s initiation into the alchemical mysteries of the Museum of Lost Wonder. The entire series is beautifully illustrated and recommended for the curious of all ages.

Guide #7 Lost in the Museum – The pictorial tour of the Museum of Lost Wonder continues with our young hero hopelessly lost behind the scenes. It’s Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory meets Carl Jung—is there any hope? Find out!

Guide #8 Escape from the Museum – Part 3 of 3 in the Museum of Lost Wonder pictorial tour. The young visitor’s tour comes to a close in this issue—or does it? Includes an introductory essay on how the Museum’s exhibits are based on the allegorical never-ending journey of the alchemist

Guide #9 Revealing the Musem, Part 1 – You’ve toured the exhibit halls in the Museum of Lost Wonder, but what does it all mean? In this issue, the Guide takes you on the first half of a two-part peek behind the scenes at the Museum, uncovering the myth and psychology beneath each hall. This issue features several rare alchemical engravings.

Guide #10 Revealing the Museum, Part 2 – The behind-the-scenes tour concludes in this issue of the Guide. Learn the secrets of the final four halls of Mortificatio, Separatio, Conjunctio, and Circulatio. Jeff Hoke also makes connections between alchemy and the creative process in this issue’s introductory essay.



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