Museum of Lost Wonder

Guide to Lost Wonder Activity Book

The Guide to Lost Wonder Activity Book is a practical manual to explore and develop your creativity and visioneering skills. Tap into the wealth of human imagination through hands-on activities, experiments, games and more, as you learn to manifest your thoughts and dreams in the real world. Covering concepts from the process of creativity to mental modeling and dream palaces, each chapter is rich in historic examples drawn from the disciplines of science, metaphysics and philosophy to reveal the innermost workings of the mind.

The key concepts are accompanied by six different paper models for you to build and contemplate, putting you in touch with techniques that have been used since ancient times and helping to fix them in your own mind.

Working through the guide is a Hero’s Journey from the mundane to the miraculous – an entertaining opportunity to tread your own path toward illumination.

It’s $38.00 and can only be bought on Amazon: Click image below.