Museum of Lost Wonder

Leaping Through Life

Have you ever thought there was something better just around the corner? Somewhere beyond where you are now? Leaping Through Life is an adventure story, and a spiritual journey, spanning over 60 years. Jeff Hoke has traveled from east to west, and his autobiography takes us from the heights of the Himalayas to the depths of creativity. On his travels, he meets dreamers, visionaries, and the famous and ordinary heroes of everyday life. This is an inspiring tale of chances taken and lessons learned—a funny, irreverent search for meaning.
Hoke explores different spiritual traditions to search for truths and finds many surprises along the way. You’ll go behind the scenes to uncover quirky cults and even quirkier museums. Through lucid dreaming, hypnosis and meditation he sometimes finds answers, but they often lead to more questions.
How far would you go to escape the mundane to find meaning? This book takes you there and back again.

About the Author
Unexpected adventurer Jeff Hoke is an award-winning author and exhibit designer who has spent over 30 years building and designing museum exhibits around the world. His museum and travel experience have offered him a unique perspective on life. His activity book, The Museum of Lost Wonder, has an overwhelming number of 5-star reviews and was #1 in metaphysics on Amazon.

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