Museum of Lost Wonder

Tomb of Illumination

This exquisitely rendered model is the only one of it’s kind and displayed in Rosicrucian lodges across the world. It’s our most popular model and illuminates the philosophy of this ancient order.

The scale model of the fabled seven-sided, domed tomb of Christian Rosenkreutz, along with various miniaturized reproductions of his books, magical tools, and scientific instruments, all painstakingly drawn and colored by Jeff Hoke.

This has the same elements of the Tomb of Illumination Folio and contains 11 pages of paper model sheets to cut and assemble, and an 8-page booklet of step-by-step instructions. Paper dolls of Father Rosenkreutz, Francis Bacon, Rene Descartes, Paracelsus, John Dee and other luminaries are included for staging historical re-enactments with the finished.

Deluxe Tomb Model is 25% Larger.

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SKU: DM-006